haven't been doing too good on the blogging front lately
unfortunately have not been feeling very motivated...and it's not just blogging..i haven't really been doing anything productive!

Trying to get myself out of this vegetative state; i suppose being at home the entire day has something to do with it. my back still isn't completely OK. I'm at my most comfortable when I'm lying in bed on my belly. Too much walking or movement causes the pain to spread from my back to my legs..which isn't good. So that rules out any long periods of standing (drafting) and sewing.

well, i did at least manage to clear out my shoe cabinet and the wardrobe in my room. I chucked more clothes that i expected to - quite therapeutic actually...was very pleased to see the amount of cupboard space i freed up!
i'm hoping that this will be motivation for me to work on new clothes. The drawings are all done, waiting for me to draft. I've got a majority of blouses and dresses. Trying to work on more skirts too, because honestly skirts are just about the easiest things to do, I might as well create more of them!

I guess I'm now caught in a typical design dilemma - i keep thinking the stuff I'm drawing up is too simple. It's like "I can't possibly be designing something so simple!" Well in retrospect, lots of stuff I like is actually not overly complicated, I mean, we all know less is More. I am reminded of yesterday's (incidentally the final) episode of Project Runway where Jay was chastised for overcomplicating things. Incidentally I will miss PR! I love that entire creative process...it's just amazing what those people come up with in a few brief hours.
And all those behind the scenes for NY fashion week - they were so familiar.. Models not turning up on time, the primping, hair teasing. Looking back, I feel incredibly blessed to have been part of something similar while at design school even though I was only there for a short time.

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iceblueorb said...

take care of the pain!! I can't wait to vege out and watch golden globes tonight - you're lucky to be able to do it at 9am!!

and, I need to blog, SIGH!