Happy 2006 Everyone!

welcome 2006!

bit a little lazy about the blogging recently, but i'm trying to get right back to it although i'm feeling quite lathargic....
haven't been doing much lately, besides meeting up with friends (christmas gift exchange & catchup) and running wedding related errands and stuff. This got me really tired out (I know, it sounds so decadent, right? but it did) as I was out from morning till past 11 at night doing a variety of activities.

i think i've started the year right though; i received a True Yoga package from jenny as a christmas gift, and have been to 2 classes from the start of the new year - took the yoga therapy class on Jan 1st, and hot yoga on the 2nd.

The last time I exercised was maybe like 2 years back, so it was quite a stretch for me to get back to it. Yoga therapy was pretty ok since it's meant for beginners, but that hot yoga class - I swear the instructor had an evil grin on his face as he set about to torture us with poses that were dreamed up to kill your muscles. He even made us hold each pose for 20 seconds each. I could feel my body going into uncontrollable spasms as i struggled to hold the pose - this must be what it's like to have a seizure, I thought.

I might have keeled over any second since my legs refused to hold up my body weight, and even looking stupid in front of a whole class seemed better than enduring the agony of my muscles SCREAMING for relief. Luckily for us the poses got more bearable as the class passed...although I thought I was gonna crack my skull when we attempted a "head stand". Yeow!!


Alicia said...

But my dear, I've seen photos of your yoga pose (at the zhuang men on 1st of Oct) and you looked very lithe and limbre!

The guys on the other hand ... :)

iceblueorb said...

i have been for 1 hot yoga session and have sworn off yoga ever since!!

dot said...

i'm taking a break for a while - the area in between my shoulder blades hurt too much.....!