Consignment Opportunity

A bricks and mortar shop in the US has approached me to consign my bags with them.
Consignment typically takes the following arrangement - the consignor (me) would place items in the consignee's shop, and the consignee would take care of the sale including the promotion and post sale arrangement. Revenue is typically split anywhere from 75/25 to 50/50 consignor/consignee. The consignor bears all the material and construction cost of the product, but the consignee covers the marketing/ rental cost involved.

In this case, the store in question is a bookstore/boutique rolled into one. i have been emailing with katrina, the owner for a while, but it has all been rather vague so far. I guess it's because both the store (which is newly setup) and myself are both pretty green at consignment process.

I knew I needed to do some research on the subject before going back to her with my questions and i had been putting this off for some time. It also involved doing some sums to figure out a price that would be worth my while consigning - since I have the added cost of having the mail my items to them. So i finally rolled up my sleeves and got down to working out the numbers. Plus looking at details of a consignment arrangement that I could reference - I got some good info off various online stores that do consignment.

Glad to say I managed to get that email out just now - if all goes well I'll be shipping off a load of bags to the US soon!


LiN said...

WoW! That's great news for you! Congrats!

Alicia said...

Hey this is FAB! Which city is the shop based in btw?

dot said...

i think it's somewhere in New Mexico!

Alicia said...

Hey, good international coverage :)

iceblueorb said...

SO GREAT!!! congrats dearie!!!!! WOW!!!! I think accessories are the way to go. I saw the cutest kate spade today (bad selection in SG, but the US stores are GOOD!) - green and white bold stripes with black handle. for close to $200! I think, you're on to a good thing!!