backlog of photos

heh heh...once again another backlog of photos
i'm posting this in between watching the Golden Globes.
I have to say it's quite refreshing to be able to sit at home at 9am watching the LIVE telecast instead of the re-run!

(in reverse! chronological order)

christmas and new year pictures

with kisu at lawry's on christmas eve
kisu & dot xmas eve 05

with mei, bifang, nah nah & carol for new year's eve lunch
i made the top i'm wearing!

A day out fabric shopping with afton & cyn at Arab street and Spotlight at Plaza Singapura
22nd Dec 05

cyn & afton hamming it up in front of my car

cyn & afton in arab street 2

for those who don't know where arab street is, or what it looks like, here's a little peek.
afton got this shot from the inside of my car.
this is probably the longest stretch of fabric shops...all selling fancy material like laces, silks and satins

arab st

cyn believes she's madonna in the "take a bow" video
she even sang to prove it too!
that pink tulle was the giftwrap of the christmas gift afton had just given to us
cyn as madonna 3

cyn as madonna 2

scary picture of me I
that's us taking a break at Gelare cafe at Plaza Sing before heading to Spotlight
aft & dot at PS

scary picture of me II
aft & dot at PS 2


Alicia said...


SiHaN said...

AHH!! i look ABSOLUTELY horrendous.. and cyn;s gonna b 'SO GLAD' u put her on the net like dat.. so so glad.. i got more disgustin photos of the class.. heh heh.. shall upload once i hav time..
oh when u goin usa? sms me ya..