the fall/winter zara sale started today.

jac, jul and janet who are BIG zara fans took time off work specially for the sale - must go early else the good items are snapped up - and came down to the great world outlet (must avoid orchard, as it would naturally be a madhouse)

since i live so close by, i went down to meet them and also to check out the sale. i gave them some lead time to work the racks (usually their shopping sprees last 1.5 - 2 hours, and I didn't think i would need so much time) before i arrived. i thought: weekday, non-orchard, can't be that big a deal right? but the sight that greeted me when i reached zara - hoards of shoppers digging through piles of clothes, riffling through racks...and long long Qs at the fitting room and cashier already formed. found the 3 Js already deep in concentration, eagle eyed in their search of any potential item. Jul had even recce'd several zara outlets prior to the sale and had in mind the items that she intended to buy.

I went through the clothes, but discovered that i was pretty half-hearted in my attempt to find a garment worthy of purchase on my very skimpy shopping budget. strangely, the clothes just didn't appeal to me that much!

And as I surveyed the store, trying to kill more time while waiting for the others, I tried to analyze why I wasn't going crazy for clothes in THE store that attracted practically any sane singaporean female between ages of 14 and 40. No matter how hard I looked, I didn't find anything I felt was worth buying.

These are the possible explanations I could come up with:

  1. My general dislike of shopping during sales - because of the haphazard placement of clothes (which made usually desireable clothes lose their appeal), number of shoppers, queues etc.
  2. Did not want to spend money, in which case, no point browsing anyway.
  3. Clothes in Zara are ugly (seriously doubt that this is the case!)
  4. My taste after fashion school has changed SO drastically that such clothes no longer appeal
  5. I didn't like the mass market appeal of the brand (brand snob?!)
  6. Have not shopped in such a long time that I no longer know how?!!

I haven't figured it out yet. But one thing's for sure - I kept thinking that I would be better off making my own stuff. And after scrutinising the construction of the garments, I realised that workmanship is not that good after all...but that people were still willing to buy! Occupational hazaard I guess.....


iceblueorb said...

it is true indeed. I went to the zara sale at taka yesterday, since was at taka, and didn't see anything interesting. can't shop when everything's in a Giant Mess!

happy new year dearie!

Anonymous said...

I have to say the shoppaholic in me brings me to all these mega sales although more often than ever, I do not walk away with too many items because I have learnt that I am not the only one with style coz everyone is buying the same thing as I am!!!! and they will inevitably wear it on the same day and place where I will be although I do not know them!!