Return of the Mannequin Hunt

Shirley gave me the name of the place where she bought her mannequin - said they were actual dressmaker's forms (with specific guidelines along the torso) as opposed to just display mannequins. I called the lady in charge, and she confirmed this so I'm going down today to take a look. These are made in China and about $200 a piece (beats $1000 excluding shipping!)

I'm very hopeful - I went to their website and they look quite OK, and the measurements are close to what I want. The last time I went searching for one, I only found the display type, and they were really shoddy looking - styroform wrapped in a poor quality T-shirt like fabric. Price: $120. It looked like I could rip a hole in it in no time. Of course, there were also the European imports which cost an arm & a leg. Figure I don't need to invest in such an expensive one at this point.

Wish me luck!

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