Nostalgia sets in - Photo Rampage

Being rather misty-eyed about my imminent departure, I asked Afton to take some pictures of me in the sewing room. Like anyone else, I love having photos - a documentary of my life! - unfortunately I tend to be a rather lazy photographer, i.e. do not take pictures very often, and do not take a tonne of shots (if and when I do get round to the phototaking bit).

It turned out to be a pretty good idea actually; the dear girl went on a complete photo rampage in the 3rd floor production workshop. This was last Thursday (1st Dec) Sewing class had ended but a couple of us stayed back to finish our various projects. So, Afton snapped indiscriminately with the camera (pics below heavily edited) which is great since I got a whole lot more pictures!

me and my machine



Entire Project workshop - looks pretty much like a factory in there


Industrial iron - not sure why Afton took this? Must be because I told her I'd miss the irons....


Afton - a little high, I think after the bout of phototaking - she finally handed over the camera to Cyn


Afton skulking around outside the toilet


Shirley - baby of the class - she just turned 17 (!!!!) couple months back


Cessa - just joined us this term as a transfer student


Cynthia - still plugging away at her jacket. Curved french seams, anyone??


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Alicia said...

Ha ha, this IS a rampage :)