Name the Mannequin

I got lucky...yep, i found my mannequin!

And here she is, standing in my dining room and wearing a skirt I made a long time ago.

mannequin 2

I ventured into the bowels of Eunos (where?!) to some Entrepreneurship Park (lovely government initiatives) to get her. The company is called "TheMannequin.com" and it is owned by GoldLink, which is the local distributor for Valentino!!!!

Given my terrible sense of direction, it was a wonder I managed to find the place without getting lost..it was somewhere in Kaki Bukit. I looked for Widiartini, the designer, who led me to the showroom. Actually a more appropriate name for what I was looking for is "Female Torso" since it doesn't have legs, head etc..unlike that of display mannequins.

I was very pleased to see that these were covered in much better quality fabric than those I had seen before. They were not quite European or American torso quality of course, but they were good enough. I measured the bust, waist and hips before I tested a blouse on it. It fit pretty well and I decided on a beige one with a wooden stand. Widiartini left the showroom to prepare my invoice. I was still checking out the rest of the torsos, trying to confirm if I had made the right choice.

She was gone for a pretty long time...it was only when I had finished inspecting the rest of the torsos, that it dawned on me that I was in The Room of Mannequins. The walls were completely black, floor was raw cement, shadows cast by the few spotlights played across the room, and mannequins stared down at me from raised platforms. There were female mannequins, male mannequins and child mannequins. The child mannequins had popping eyes and wide open mouths - did someone actually think this made them look cute?!!

To get an idea of what I mean, click here and here

I have never liked mannequins (same goes for *too* lifelike looking dolls) - I trace this back to a particular Twilight Zone episode about a woman who accidentally stayed in a mall past closing time. She was trapped by mannequins and eventually turned into one of them. This episode had quite an effect on me.

Fortunately, it's been quite a while since then, so I managed to stay in the room without freaking out. Widiartini finally returned - I paid and she helped me lug the box down to my car. I was feeling quite happy in the car, driving home along the PIE.

When I got to my apartment carpark, I unloaded the box. Random thoughts of the recent body parts murder crossed my mind. I suppose it had to do with the fact that I was dragging a female torso around . I wondered if my large box would arouse the suspicions of my security guard.

Name the Mannequin

My friends Evelyn and Suzanne of Swirl have named their mannequin Aubrey. I thought it would be quite nice to have a name for mine...so I'm opening an unofficial contest of sorts. If you have any brilliant ideas please send them in via the Comments posting!


iceblueorb said...

Wow, PM, you're on a blogging marathon!! I LIKE!! and great looking, erm, torso at nice price! but I agree re: the lifelike mannequins, and I recall that twilight zone episode too!!!!

my suggested name for mannequin.......Sophia or.... Lulu :P

SiHaN said...

name the mannequin, "SWEE".. ooh imagine the pins.. tee hee hee..

Alicia said...

My vote goes for Chi Chi or La La Lolita ...

selena said...

How about Venus??

sevenwonders said...

hi sorry for randomness happen to saw ur blog=) erm how much u bought ur torso?