More on the food trail

this is not a blog about food, but today I will continue with 2 other favourite eating places of ours, the Popular Hock Lam Street Beef Kway Teow, and Killiney Kopitiam, right next door.

Hock Lam is a rather grubby looking setup, hole in the wall coffeeshop selling beef ball and beef slice kway teow along Purvis street. For the 1st two terms, this place was never a consideration for lunch, so I'm not quite sure how our obsession with it started. I would say it was Cyn that started it all...she tried it at some point - and then all of a sudden, she was requesting that we go to this place EVERY day. I assiduously avoided it...the overwhelming smell of raw beef plus the rather dodgy looking premises were not the most appealing.

Cyn started going with Cessa...then Afton got hooked. One particular day I decided that I wouldn't mind trying something new so I sat down and ordered the beef slice soup version. The soup was the key attraction for me - I love soup, and particularly like my soups spicy. The accompanying chilli sauce had a good kick and was spiked with lots of lime, making quite a tasty combination. It was good enough that I went back the very next day.

Killiney Kopitiam, on the other hand, was Christin's favourite place, together with Rika & Dilla. The main draw was that the premises looked a notch better (read: cleaner) than that of neighbouring coffee shops, and being open aired, permitted these three hard-core smokers to smoke freely. Christin almost always ordered the Vietnamese fried rice (Lu confirmed that there is NO such thing back in Vietnam). She would then douse it with dark sauce and sambal chilli (the Indonesian students always asked for extra plates of chilli)

I would go for the belachan fried rice (quite tasty), or on rare ocassion, the mee kia ta. If i wasn't too hungry, it would be the famous kaya toast and an ice milo or tea si. The great thing about this place was that they allowed you to pay individually - I guess they were used to students. This helped avoid much of the typical confusion associated with splitting bills. Clarity also did the same thing.

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