One of the perks of being a fashion design student (or being part of the fashion industry I suppose) is seeing the many beautiful people we call models. Ah yes...the graduating students are putting up their fashion show next week, and we've been getting lots of models coming in for fittings.

A bunch of us were using the sewing machines in the same production workshop (see post below for pics) as the graduating students, which also happens to be the room where model castings are done.

At random times of the day, models would stroll in (with names like Rachel S, Melanie K - hello since when did it become hip to do the Spice girls thing) and have a little chit chat with our principle who's in charge of the fittings (so where do you come from? France/ Russia/ blah blah...how long have you been in Singapore? 1 week - oh so you're "fresh!" ahahahah....blah blah - more useless small talk....) before quickly changing behind a whiteboard (yes, a whiteboard - so much for glamour) and doing a little catwalk along the squashy aisle next to the machines.

The highlight for us (and the gay guys), of course are the male models. Tried to sneak surreptitious peeks of them changing, but alas! the whiteboard actually did a pretty good job as changing room, so all I managed were glimpses of scruched up pants around bare ankles (*not* sexy!)

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