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thought it wouldn't be right NOT to include a post about our favourite eating places as students. (Oh dear, running out of topics already that you have to go retrospective?!)

while breaks were usually no longer than 40 minutes long, which meant incredibly rushed lunches, we did manage a few 1 hour (and sometimes slightly longer) lunches this term. Due to the increased flexibility in the way classes were run (do your own thing, just approach the lecturer for help when you need it) we were also able to take some decent tea breaks.

One of our favourite haunts was (was, for me, is, for my ex-classmates, sob) the Miss Clarity cafe along Purvis street. It's opposite Garibaldi's and 2 doors away from Soul Kitchen. It's a relatively new cafe - tacky, cheesy with garishly painted bright pink, green and yellow walls (each wall a different colour, ooh so cool!)

It's the only decent cafe in the vicinity (unless you include Han's at the National Library - which IMHO you shouldn't) that serves affordable western style meals, coffees (latte & cappucinos not Kopi-Os and Teh-Pengs) and desserts. A perfect hang out place for student types like us. (oh, forgot - it should be "ex-student" - double SOB. ok cut out the drama already, dot) The chefs, however, were not quite as western - the "barista" is an elderly uncle brewing coffee using the traditional cloth filter. I suppose some Hainanese chef is behind the rather tasty Chicken Cordon Bleu, sniff.

We went to Clarity quite a lot in the latter half of this past term - mostly for tea breaks where the Mud Ooze (a warm chocolate pudding like thing served in a teacup topped with vanilla ice cream) was a firm favourite among the class. I usually confined myself to a mug of hot milo, as I would be trying to defrost from the cold drafting room air.

I did allow myself, on occasion, to indulge in their Sotong balls, quite yummy (this dish was memorably called "Basketballs") and french fries. The fries came in a little wicker basket. Once Afton ordered a plate of cheese fries expecting the same basket, but instead we had the owner delivering an entire casserole dish (in her oven-mitted hand no less) of cheesy fries to our table.

The last 2 times I was there, I had the Chicken Cordon Bleu ($6.50 ala carte, $8.80 gets you a soup and drink thrown in) - fried chicken cutlet stuffed with ham and cheese and served with a mayonnaise-ish type sauce. Qin Yao demonstrates the correct way of eating it:





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