Last of the Foodie Trail...

back to the food business....

have to round up with our other frequented eating places

Along Seah Street

1. Al Khatib - muslim food. I love their potato curry puffs (50cents each, a steal!) and would often pop by for one (lunch) just before arriving at school for my 2.20pm classes. Their egg dish - fried sunny side up and drizzled with black sauce and oil is quite tasty too. Like a variant of tauhu telor.

2. Sin Swee Kee Chicken rice - kisu being the self-declared chicken rice expert, says this place is pretty good. I have the student discount card (was so pleased that i managed to score this) - that's good enough for me!

3. Bossy cafe - economical rice, laksa (now defunct) and kopi tiam type drinks (ice milo, teh, kopi-O). Think we stopped going here after Qin Yao discovered a piece of black trash bag in her veggie. yuck. The owner didn't even apologise!

4. Chinese food store (can't remember the name) but we seldom eat there anymore. Economical rice..bleah

Along Purvis Street

1. YY Kopitiam - sells chicken rice, wanton noodles, fried rice/ noodle type dishes like beef kway teow, hong kong noodle etc. Also does their special version of the kaya toast - theirs is a nice sweet bun, toasted with lashings of brown kaya and butter. Quite nice, and at $1, cheaper than the Killiney one ($1.40). It's quite a nice and clean coffeeshop, and seems to be a favourite with our school teachers. Must try: their hainanese pork chops - seems like all the coffeeshops along this stretch sell the chops, but this one is by far superior.

2. Chin Chin coffeeshop - similar to YY but grubbier and larger. I would say the fried rice/ noodle dishes are slightly better.

3. Another nameless coffeeshop (can't recall name) selling chicken rice & roast meats, and fried rice/ noodle dishes. Only been there twice I think..chicken rice does not compare to Sin Swee Kee.

Other more random places
House of Thai along Purvis - cheap set lunch, less than $10 for soup, salad, rice, main dish, drink and dessert

The food court at Shaw Leisure gallery - we frequented this more when Mini was around. She loved going there because she could buy more phone cards (she kept using them up at an alarming rate) from the mama shop located in the same building. There is also a Roti Boy outlet there, so usually lunch was followed by a couple of those delicious smelling buns!

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