Fashion Police

during tea with jul & jac - on same day as the zara sale outing - we started, as with all other people who have reached this age, reminiscing (watch out, soaunty!)

And the topic in question was fashion & clothing choices in our younger years.

of all my fashion faux pas - i remember this one particularly distinctly (& painfully!):

Baggy white shirt (in casual cotton material) tucked into a short (above knee) triple-tiered pink skirt topped with a (pale purple, i think it was) wide elastic-band belt. The type that you attach with little loops ala your bra.

I think this was somewhere in primary 6 (aged 12)
I'm comforted by the fact that jac & jul also appeared to recall &, i think even owned these elastic waisted horrors.

jac recounted recently fishing a pair of "ali-baba" style baggy-around-the-hip high waisted pants out of the wardrobe which belonged to her husband.

other notable items:

  1. Chunky LA gear shoes with colourful laces and those awful legwarmers! I think we fancied ourselves as some California cheerleaders. How very flattering for my already large feet
  2. Stockings with everything! I recall a friend who had an obsession with stockings (those with a slight sheen) which she believed improved the appearance of her legs immensely. These, she wore with the above mentioned LA gear sneakers
  3. MCM or Versace White jeans


Alicia said...

Ooh ooh, now those are skeletons in the closet indeed! :) I think I experimented with the Ah Lian oversized knee-length shirt (in requisite neon colour) with leggings, for a spell.


So maybe being 30+ ain't all that bad. At least there's now a healthy distance from cringe-worthy images like that!

iceblueorb said...

i remember LA gear with giant laces!!!! the company is officially defunct now, no?

dot said...

that's one consolation about hitting the 30s, huh?
as for LA gear - at least we survived to tell the tale, unlike the company!