exams again...

oh man...exams have already started - finished sewing last week and tomorrow there's shape & compo...followed by drafting & draping back to back on wednesday - i swear our teacher is trying to kill us by having us do these 2 subjects on the same day!

i've got a ton of pictures (again by afton) to load up, including more pics of our finished garments...but seriously too lazy now to edit and upload - so after exams ok.

i went for my very last class today - in fact it wasn't so much a class as a 20 minute revision plus some very blatent tips from our teacher! "study tailored and raglan sleeves, tailored collar, shawl and shirt collars, dart manipulation..."
i left after that - no point staying after picking up these precious gems..and there was nothing else to do.

our classroom had been transformed into a chaotic mess - the graduating students fashion show is tomorrow (I have been designated as an usher for the uber-biggest school event of the year - only reason why I agreed was because I get to see the fashion show FOC!!! ho ho...tickets priced at $30...cheap? well gotta be when you are a poor starving student..)

Like I was saying, all the drafting tables had been shoved to the sides of the class, and racks and racks upon racks of clothes (all concealed in garment bags) were hanging in the middle of the class. Polaroids of models wearing the clothes are hung alongside the actual garments - these are the racks which will go to the dressers (reacall my previous lowly position at the last fashion show).

There was a clear aisle in the centre where the students involved in the fashion show (decked out in all their glory - many unrecognisable after going through massive hair reconstruction and makeup galore for some photoshoot tonight) were running about doing last minute stuff...some of the garments looked no where near complete! i saw one half of a skirt still hanging on a mannequin with a bunch of basting stitches. Me, I was hoping for some hot male models to come round and strut their stuff..but sadly this was not to be. Not a single model, male OR female turned up.

The only drama of the afternoon was my principal (also the head of the fashion design department) throwing a hissy fit because he had "lost" a model last minute and was trying to replace her. After a rather rude mobile phone conversation (that of course everyone overheard), he marched into class, gave the 3 students there (I believe the few responsible ones of their class) a dressing down because he was pissed that the rest of the students were not there. He then threatened to fail the entire class if the rest of the students didn't turn up in the next 10 minutes. After that, he stomped out to harass yet another hapless model booker. "Eh...you think you can get me a girl ah?....This model ah...she blah blah blah..."

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iceblueorb said...

hope exams went well! good luck!!