an end, a beginning

exams are finally over, and with them, school.

i was pretty bummed about leaving school and friends...but the last 2 exams were so draining and so crappy that i was actually not too upset when they ended! after wrapping up exams on wednesday, i was occupied practically all of thursday finishing up a final project that I had to hand in Friday.

That officially ended my 9 month stint as a student.

Surprisingly, I found that I was actually energised by the end of school - no more school work and assignments appear to have a liberating effect of sorts on me. I thought I'd be a little down for a while but no, what I now feel is an immense sense of freedom to pursue all the stuff I wanted to but couldn't commit to 100% while at school. I'm really thankful for it because I need that drive to move on to the next phase.

so this blog is going to cease being about school...but I'll still keep up with blogging..and no doubt about it, it will still be about fashion!


SiHaN said...



miss ya~~~

heh heh,

yun-jo said...

congrats on finishing school!
looking forward to more of your creations...