This week - more basic blocks!

have finally managed to work out the block size that I plan to use for my clothes collection. This is supposed to be size M, which is slightly larger than what I wear. These here are the sewn up toiles of the long torso and the skirt block. since i don't have a mannequin, i had to use myself as the model for fitting!


you can't tell from the pictures, but I've actually made markings like the grainlines (direction of fabric weave) on the toile - this is for me to check if the garment hangs properly on the body. thankfully, it does!

and here are the pattern pieces which I cut to make the toile. the pictures aren't that great, thanks to the evening lighting outside, and also, it's really hard to make white and offwhite look great in photos!


Skirt is OK but the long torso is a little looser than it's supposed to be...so back to the drawing board (or drafting table rather) to correct the pattern....

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