Tea Chapter

Finally finally met up with with "long lost friends" carol, mei and bifang on Monday, taking advantage of the Deepavali PH.
We've all been so busy that we haven't seen each other in ages....after dinner at "Desire" at the Scarlet hotel, we proceeded to Tea Chapter on Neil Road.
The waiter there was really passionate about his tea - we got a good lesson and introduction to tea preparation!

carol mei bf

I have the entire week off from school - it's great! Have been trying to catch up on schoolwork - a tonne of technical drawings to complete and a Research project to start on.

I'm also preparing to launch a new collection of bags on the madbeautiful Etsy store in November. Most of my work is done for now, but I'm gearing up for a major photoshoot when the bags are ready! There are like 7 different designs this time..so lots to shoot!

Just met Charmaine and Woei Wen yesterday and they told me that they had seen abandoned Prada (yes PRADA!!!!!!) mannequins outside the Prada office before - Argh! I want one!

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