Swirl House party

Ladies, I will be selling bags from my new collection at the Swirl house party this Saturday, 12th November. There will be lots of pretty clothes, accessories and vintage stuff to check out, so do drop by between 1 - 7pm!

Swirl is located at 7 Jalan Rumia in Holland Village, close to where Michaelangelo's and Original Sin are.

Oh, and drop me a line if you plan on coming, and hopefully I'll see you there!


eLiZ said...

Hi Dot

The clutch for snowflake looks so nice.....

Anyway I will try to make myself free for the Swirl House Party and hopefully I can drag YX thr as well since she is staying so near......

Update you again... see ya =)

LiN said...

Hi Dorothy!

Your new clutches look fabulous!

I might not be able to make it to the Arab Street Outing too. But nothing's confirmed yet. If I do end up at Arab Street, I will definately drop by Swirl House Party that evening.

Roslne aka Simply LNe aka LiN