So how are the projects going??

well, i'm in the middle of the 2 draping and drafting projects.

I just finished the draping of the Ralph Lauren dress today - heh!
It took my teacher quite a while to figure out exactly how the draping ought to be done. The rest of the class (poor things) ground to a halt, because almost everyone needed to ask him questions on their projects before they could proceed. And there he was, by my mannequin, scrunching up the polycotton (and his brows) as he fiddled and tried to figure out where to transfer the excess fabric. Hmmm... I guess they don't call this a Ralph Lauren for nothing!

The problem was finally solved with some compromise. The top had to be drafted in two pieces, left and right, and also separately from the skirt. This solved the transfer-of-excess fabric problem. Well, the dress turned out quite nicely - it's simple, but the design is so pretty!

And haha..it was made up of only 4 pieces..and the skirt was real easy to drape too..so I was done in quite a short time. The people who chose more complicated patterns are probably still in school trying to execute them!!

I'm going to have to make a toile of the dress too, just to make sure that the fit is adjusted (from mannequin size to mine) and OK.
Ooh looking forward to shopping for fabric for this dress! Silk would be best, really..but I think too pricey, especially for an experiment. So I'll probably go with satin. Very excited even to see how the toile looks!

As for the pants...I did my toile fitting today - and it turned out pretty big. So I'm going to have to take in the side seams and back seams a little to get rid of the rather "ah-mah" look. I'm halfway through drafting the jacket, and kinda freaking out - it has quite a lot of design details and stitching. Plus it has a WELT pocket - ask anyone who sews - this is timeconsuming and horrific to sew and just urgh..you have to keep measuring your stitch lines to make sure that they are exactly the width that you want, otherwise the pocket will look like crap. So suffice to say, i am not excited about the prospect of sewing one!


Anonymous said...

Hi hi, got photos of the RL draft or not? Very exciting leh :)


dot said...

soon soon!!!