Project Runway

So, after missing the debut of Project Runway last monday, I swore to make this week's episode...I made it barely 5 minutes into the start of the programme after hurriedly catching the bus back from school.

It was real fun to watch, especially because the stuff on the show looks so familiar. For frequent readers of this blog, I'm glad that there is finally a show on TV to give you a glimpse of my now almost daily routine. Ahhhhh, the drafting tables, Singer sewing machines, Austin's needle going-through-finger drama...

When I saw the mannequins, I was like..."Oh, mannequins! My dear friends!" I guess as fashion students, we develop a special sort of relationship with mannequins. There are always some lurking around, and especially so as we stick with one mannequin for all our projects. Look, we spend a lot of time poking pins and draping fabric all over these things, OK - I've just stopped short of giving my mannequin a name!

And that final evaluation scene - boy did that bring back a host of bad memories... I was sitting there watching, mentally nodding my head, going "yup, yup" when the last few contestants were being told that their designs SUCK (ouch!) You do get told off if the teachers think your stuff is crap - and trust me, they will mince no words about it!

One final thought - is it just me, or does Heidi Klum look kinda...chunky? And this was definitely before her recent pregnancy right?!!


Snowflake said...

Hey, I was about to ask if you catch Project Runway too! This is indeed very interesting... I like the show too.

Swirl Girl said...

We call our mannequin Aubrey! She even has a male companion called Jamie!