miss miss miss

i'm going to miss school when it ends...knowing i've only got 3 more weeks left is making me feel rather sentimental.

I sit at the sewing machine, and think...this is one of the last times I'm going to be sewing on an industrial machine...I iron and think..this is one of my last chances to use this fabulous steamy iron...I draft at the huge tables and think.....

oh well.

I'm going to miss the noisy banter in the sewing room..there were just so many jokes and so much laughter going around yesterday - it's great being a student, isn't it? Given my prior working life, I couldn't help but greatly appreciate what was going on around me. But OK, I guess this fantasy student life has to stop somewhere and I have to return to the real world!

And i wish I could have all that equipment! I want the mannequins, the table, the sewing machines, the iron, the huge rolls of paper.

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SiHaN said...

oOoOoOhhhhhh gawd~~~~~


ton ton here.. will miss u dotty dot dottttt..