draping dress (RL) toile finished today!
It's not a perfect fit on the mannequin as the toile has been altered to my size. And the actual dress is going to be made floor length. The pattern was further altered after this shot was taken.


Random shot of the sewing room and my favourite Pfaff (affectionately refered to as "the fart machine" by kisu) industrial sewing machine (sews like a dream!) That's my sewing box, and the pink fabric is my dress toile, btw

Reminiscent of Project runway???


While I was sewing steadily away at the toile, Afton and Shirley were up to no good in the neighbouring production workshop. Cynthia was made to wear a piece of shirley's dress project. luckily for Cyn, her favourite colour is green....


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Charmaine said...

fantastic draping, PM!!!! looks really realy good!