Crimson Room

'I DRANK too much last night.
What time is it now?
So thirsty.
The bed doesn't seem to be the one I usually sleep on.
Is this a hotel?
No, it doesn't seem to be a hotel.
I'm trapped in this room.
I have to escape.'

With this surreal message, cult favourite flash game Crimson Room begins.
You, the player, are trapped in a room and must find a series of hidden clues to escape.

try it, it's cool! kisu and i spent out saturday afternoon hooked on this game!

Once you're out of the Crimson room, try escaping the
Viridian room...more creepy


Anonymous said...

omg, the crimson room is DAMN scary. I remember getting bad flashbacks of the Korean movie Old Boy (whose situation was alot like this) and freaking out over the com.. Eeeeeshh..


dot said...

if you think crimson room is scary....wait till you try viridian...super spooky, man!

Anonymous said...

heh, viridian room is the one with the skeleton, right? freaky. I kept closing my eyes whenever i struck the bell. too freaky for words.


Reg said...

confession time - i cheated when i was playing the game back at work at jp. :P