just finished another episode of project runway - fun fun fun!
it's such a fun 1 hour of TV time for me! though I thought jay's team should have won - guess i don't understand up and coming rock stars' taste.

luckily for me (and everyone else in my class who rushes back to watch PR) class extensions on mondays end by 8pm latest so we all get to go back in time to catch the show. Spent my 1/2 day in class finishing up on the jacket, and then tracing all the pattern pieces. My master plan (the main draft) looked so complicated when I finished - there were like a dozen pockets and tabs all over the front of the jacket. I was trying to get everything out so that i can spend tomorrow afternoon shopping for fabric, and thursday, sewing.

All assignments for sewing class have been completed, so in between now and the final term exam, we can use sewing class time (that's full days, thursdays) to work on our other projects. I'm so excited...I want to get a dark satin (maybe like a midnight blue) for the dress...and haven't decided on the jacket and pants yet..but was told it should be "matching" whatever that means!

Just finished updating the madbeautiful website with the new bags, and just sent out a mailer to friends and previous customers. I've already gotten some response on the orders, but I think what I'm really needing is more publicity! I'm waiting for Etsy to get back to me - they approached me previously to be a featured seller (a much needed PR boost) but I had no bags left then - this was just after pretty much selling out all of the 1st collection and I can't possibly be a featured seller if I have nothing to sell, can I?

I finally mailed them to let them know I'm ready, but I haven't heard back from them yet and I'm starting to get anxious! What if there are now a ton of sellers waiting in line to get featured??? I'm hoping to get featured real soon so i can catch the Christmas shopping wave. Oh well - guess 1st rule of business is to be FAST. OK.

So..still desperately waiting. I'm going to send an antsy reminder note if I don't hear from them soon!

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