Singapore Fashion Week

Monday was the start of Singapore Fashion Week 05.

As part of our Shape and Composition class, we visited the Apparel Asia and YAFA (Yarns, Fibres, Fabric & Accessories) Asia exhibits at Suntec Convention Centre.

The start of the exhibition featured a fashion show of Turkish costumes, and then another show of the creative use of Swarovski crystals on casual and street wear. The turkish stuff was amazing! Beautiful colours, very complex, extravagent outfits. At first I thought the swarovski crystal one would be very tacky, but they managed to make it work.... only eeky thing was a bunch of chekopeks behind us who kept giggling (yes! giggling) and taking loads of pictures when skimpily dressed models appeared! yucks! i wondered if they came just to oogle. double yucks.

The fashion show seemed to work for Swarovski - it got the crowd to its exhibition booth!

me in front of the most 'bling' outfit

SFW Exhibition 1

more swarovski outfits...they actually partnered with a lot of big name brands for the creations, like adidas, rock and republic, puma, levis

SFW Exhibition 2

oooh i like these! so cute right?? they are baby adidas shoes with crystals!

SFW Exhibition 3

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Day said...

those baby shoes are GROOVY! ya, trust me to comment on something about babies, but they prob cost a bomb. tis just good to look at i guess!