Packaging Madness

so, the last week has been busy - i was helping Selena with cookie packaging!
Selena, like me, had been roped in to help out at Alicia's wedding.
She is the baking genius behind The Apothecakery which churned out the 800+ delicious Earl Grey Tea cookies that we had as wedding favours.

Here's the result of our hard work!


we used very tricky paper wrapping..the shuang xi (double happiness) stickers simply refused to adhere! we tried all sorts of tricks..each package went through 3 rounds of adhesives.

Round 1: Glue Gun
Round 2: Scotch tape
Round 3: UHU glue adhesive

...They finally (sort of) succumbed to the UHU glue.
Aren't they pretty? Yellow and Red were the theme colours of the wedding.

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