My personal block!!

hoho...do i look like an escaped patient from a mental institution?
dot's personal block

that makes a whole classroom full of us then - we are wearing what we worked on in the past 2 weeks in drafting class.

personal block fitting

They are toiles (test garment) of our personal blocks, which means that the garments are made to fit each person individually - they need to fit the body pretty closely. Toiles are needed to check for fit (e.g. armhole hangs the right way (slightly to the front, as with the natural bend of the arm) before readjusting the blocks accordingly.

My armholes were a little too tight, as were my sleeves..so i had to tear bits of the toile apart and resew it after the fit was corrected.


emy said...

Hi fellow Singaporean, got to know your blog thru Craftster. It must be wonderful to get off the corporate rat race!

Wish I know how to sew so that I could have a personal block like yours for my knitting! :P

Anonymous said...

One block looks fine, but I have to say that a whole army of you ladies in blocks is kinda scary!

Alicia :)

Anonymous said...

The block really accentuates the body shape, can I have one in silk?

The baby adidas looks fab too!