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so...today officially marks the end of singapore fashion week.

of the slew of events, fashion shows are probably considered the most glamourous. There were a couple of private shows from some singaporean labels, but from Friday to Sunday, there were three shows open to the public, all held at the Raffles City atrium.

I attended the Singapore Fashion Designers contest on Friday. The designers were pretty young; my guess was that most of them had just graduated or were about to from one of the four major fashion design institutions in singapore (Raffles Design, La Salle SIA, NAFA (nanyang academy of fine arts) and Temasek design school (a division of temasek poly)). Two of the finalists were former students from my school. As for prize money: $2000 for 3rd place, $4000 for 2nd and $8000 plus a $200K overseas scholarship for the winner.

Being super-kiasu, a bunch of us arrived at 5pm - the show started at 7pm - to "chope" standing room where we could get the *best* view of the show. It was pretty dumb, because we stood around for almost an hour before the crowd even started building up. And the show didn't even start on time - by the time it ended past eight my feet and back were aching!



It was quite a popular event, the atrium and surrounding was pretty packed. Nadya Hutagalung hosted the event - all she had to do was to say a couple of lines - no more than 10 minutes in total. Wah, must be good to be a celebrity!

Prior to each finalist's collection being shown, there was a video montage with the finalist presenting the inspiration and design concept behind his collection. Some were pretty straightforward, like being inspired by the ocean, the colours of coral, etc. Another said his collection was about existentialism, overcoming negativity and a statement on the human condition. Errrr....like huh?!

The reason I will probably never be a true-blue "fashion designer-designer" is because I think - just get on with the designing, man! I get that in the traditional scheme of things, there needs to be an inspiration point driving the design concept, but too much philosophy and introspective stuff - it's just taking yourself too seriously. I even had this theory that the longer the contestent went on in his video, the worse the collection was.

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