Last Term...already?!

it's my last term already?! i can't believe it...

I feel Mini's absence more acutely now as I don't see her at her familiar place in the drafting room in class...or hear her voice anymore. Anyways..she is holidaying somewhere in Jiangsu now..i'm sure she is very happy being back in China. Another sore absence is Lu, who used to be the slightly wacky one in class...oh well. We have 2 new students though, both are transfer students, one from another fashion school in San Francisco, and another from the Sri Lankan branch of the school.

yesterday was my first day back, and we started off with drafting class. For the first time, we're making a pattern drafted with our own specific measurements. We're doing pants this term..and we spent the lesson drafting up a pants block or sloper. We have to hand in our toile (a mock up to check for sizing) next week and we will make any adjustments to size if necessary.

I stayed back after everyone had left to prepare my muslin for Wednesday's draping class. It was quiet in school as it was the first day of term, and I was the only one left in the drafting room. As I was pottering around, pulling yarnlines and ironing the muslin, I felt quite sad thinking that everything I did this term would be the 'last' for me...last time I would be taking drafting, last time I would be with my classmates..etc etc. I guess the quietness and being alone got to me. It got slightly depressing!

This term's schedule:

Monday: Pattern Drafting
Tuesday: Shape & Composition
Wednesday: Draping & Pattern Drafting
Thursday: Sewing
Friday: FREE! heheheh!

The only really new subject this term for me is Shape and Compo. It's basically about creating technical drawings of clothes. The drawings depict each garment in as much detail as possible, and is for supplying the production house so they know exactly how each garment is supposed to look and turn out. here's an example of one


nicole said...

your last term already?? good good... we can start to ask you to make clothes!

dot said...

haha! yeah i can't wait to get started on that as well!