Found: Fellow Singaporean Craftsters!!!

One of my biggest online addictions is Craftster.

I check the forums faithfully everyday (fine, it's more like once every few hours if i'm at home) for new postings. I'm not crazy - there are so many active members on this site that the minute you post something online, you *immediately* get several views if not replies. It's the best site ever for all things crafty!

For the longest time, I've been reading posts from people in the US, Canada (who make up the majority on this US site), UK and Australia sometimes..so you can imagine my delight when I recently found quite a few active Singaporean crafters on this site! We have a couple of knitters/ crochet-ers (?!), jewellery makers/ beaders, and some sewers (bags, toys, etc including me)

Recently, 12 of us signed up for the Singapore Craft Swap. OK, so what is a craft swap?
It's basically where a bunch of people swap stuff they have made - there's usually a theme to a swap, e.g. green bags, or harry potter (anything item related to) and there are always guidelines governing a swap (how long to spend crafting the item, for example). In the case of the Singapore Swap, we just listed stuff that we would like (usually we pick something that we cannot make ourselves) and the Swap organiser then pairs everybody up with another person with whom we exchange stuff with.

The exciting thing is that since we are all in singapore, we've decided to meet up to exchange the items instead of just posting them off by mail. Which means that I'm going to be meeting other likeminded souls soon! Yay!

I've been paired with Snowflake (her crafster nickname) who knits and crochets and I've requested a really cute crochet handphone pouch..in return I'm making her a denim clutch. Ooh exciting!


Anonymous said...

yay! i heart craftster too. see you soon, lady!


charmaine said...

tea on tuesday afternoon? pub hol!!! yay!!!!

Darren Lee said...

Heellllloooo Dorothyyyyyy... a.k.a "Ming ming" ... keke

Thiam Fatt here aka "Darren" ...OMG you won't believe it .. I was bored at work .. so as usual I would "google" anything that I know .. google my name and ppl that i know ... and guess what? I found your blog by googling your name!!! What a cool blog you have -- why didn't you tell me earlier :(

Anyways -- hope to keep in touch! I know cool ppl in the fashion line too -- so maybe i could share some contacts.. At the sametime, checkout my fancy blog too at www.darrenlee.net ! Remember to leave a comment ya ... it's kinda new but i am working on it .. ;-)