testing testing....

i'm working on prototypes for my next round of bags - this time, i want to make smaller totes, some clutches and i wanted to try some stiffer bags.

I'm planning to use prints and patterns on the outside of the bags, instead of just the inside like the previous lot.

so here's my first experiment - spent half of sunday doing this! This included drafting the pattern from scratch, cutting fabric and preparing it (for those who are familiar with sewing - this is fusing interfacing and ironing)



it was beautifully stiff, but it was a horror to turn right side out because the stiffening was soooo tough! i used the fabric i liked the least, since this was just a test and I wasn't sure how it would actually turn out. The bulk of my time was spent preparing materials, ironing etc. There were only a few steps for the sewing bits. It was terrible sewing up the seam on the top of the bag, though because the material was too thick and had problems going through my sewing machine.

overall i think i'm quite happy with it (i'm just really thankful i managed to sew it up finally otherwise it would have been a complete waste of all my effort). Shapewise, I meant for it to be a lot longer and the slant on the side of the bag should be more pronounced (i.e. bag should not be looking so rectangular) I still have to add a button and buttonhole to the flap

OK, back to the drawing board and more experiementing!


Anonymous said...

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The Informant said...

The tote is nice. Although, I'm not a big fan of flowers. But the design is really nice.
By the way, the bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous.

charmaine said...

nice shape!! when will the H night pix be up???!

lisiepeasie said...

me likes! very nice colour combi,

btw, where did you get the flower fabric? :)

dot said...

from my fav haunt..queen street!