Exams Over & Fried Rice Paradise...

exams are finally over! yes! 13 days of relaxation before the start of another crazy term. i'm looking forward to a time to just do my own stuff ( sew, design more bags, etc etc)

oh and because someone recently cast doubt on my ability to cook (huh! to you), i thought i'd share my most recent home cooked meal...hey don't "pray pray" ok - my fried rice is pretty tasty!

cooking the rice, with the greasy lap cheongs (chinese sausages)


more grease - charsiew and shallots


the finished product! tada


i learnt to make this from watching my mum..and it is yummy!!!!


charmaine said...

i want!! leave out the lap cheong for me please!

dot said...

the char siew how? :)

yun-jo said...

i love dot's fried rice! it's so greasy & tasty... yum... it's delicious even cold! i want some now.

lisiepeasie said...

ahhh! love fried rice!! :D

nicole said...

Haven't tasted your fried rice before!