Dwindling class

so yesterday ended up a sort of mixed bag of emotions

menswear drafting exam went by in a breeze, it was an easy one....I don't think anyone in class struggled with it at all because we had all done it before as part of a class assignment. So i think pretty much everyone was quite happy...plus we had a long weekend ahead before the final 2 (1 for me) exams.

but, but...mini dropped the bombshell as we were on our way to Orchard for dinner - she will be going back to china once this term ends. I'll be very sad to see her go, but she's leaving for good reasons and I support her in that. We said we would meet up in Hong Kong when I go there to buy fabric!

There were some tears....after all, when I recall the 1st term, wow we spent practically every waking moment together! We were in school till 10 almost every night, meeting on free days, coming back on Saturdays and constantly hanging out at Mini's apartment working on more assignments.

Afton did a count - Lishan's already left for another school. Lu and Mini are leaving at the end of this term. After Term 3, Christin, Rika and myself (Certificate students) will be gone. Shirley's likely to switch to another course...

By the end of this year, there will only be 5 people left out of the original batch (12 i think) of students.

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