brown paper packages..

one of my favourite moments...seeing brown paper parcels of my goods all wrapped up and ready to go to the PO..I'm sending off 2 bags today, one to Kisu's sister Kiae, and the other one is the 'Man bag' going to Shin in Tokyo.


Am trying very hard to put off homework - I need to revise for Sewing presentation tomorrow. This is 10% of my total grade - each of us sit individually with our teacher. She brings out 3 or 4 garments, and we have to talk her through exactly how to sew each one...they're all stuff we've sewn before, but you know with all the nitty gritty details going into each garment ("fold fabric 1.2 cm from edge, fold a second line 0.7 cm away from the first. Sew 0.5 cm seam allowance....." etc etc. I am *totally* serious, you have to see my notes!) it's easy to forget steps here and there. And my memory is no longer like what it used to be!

There's also a couple of drawings to turn in tomorrow...wah...how? So, while Kisu watches his favourit-est DVD Legends of the Fall (Brad Pitt!) on his new projector screen...I have to work on the assignment and revision..argh!!!

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