whoo hoo!

my newest purchase...a huge table for drafting. I'm so happy..I can draft comfortably at home now. The table is 1.6m long and 0.8m wide.


Here's a close up of my latest project, the blouse from Draping class. I have to transfer the muslin pieces onto paper to create the paper patterns. The pink stuff is the ruffle on the blouse...and the ruler is a french curve...for curving armsholes, necklines, etc.


And my 1st attempt at watercolour....if the legs look impossibly long, that's cos they are. Fashion poses and proportions are exaggerated so there's more room on the figure for the clothes to show. Slightly freaky looking as the eyes, nose, mouth have yet to be painted in. My teacher also described the hair as "judge-like" i.e. french poodle style. So nice, huh....



charmaine said...

whats with these strange comments?! you watercolour v. well dearie!

Alicia said...

Boy, I wish I had legs like that drawing ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Dorothy,

I'm taking dressmaking lessons now..from the CC. Can you share the title of your book and where I can buy it? My CC doesnt have much notes. Also, Can you share the place you got your curve rulers and drawing equipment? I've been getting my supplies from Lye Nai Shiong at People's Park as recommended by my CC teacher, but they carry limited things.