A very eventful Wednesday

Wednesday, my rest day was spent pretty eventfully...i went in search of mannequins with my friend June, from Kadomay dressmaking...armed with my car and a horrific sense of direction (thankfully June was much better) I ventured into the relative (in relation to Orchard, River valley and City hall...you know I work within a 2 km radius) unknown of Paya Lebar (!) and Ubi (double !)

Unfortunately the stuff was not up to expectation and I left empty handed...we then met up with other Kadomay friends Jaslyn and Jean (who works with June on
www.fashioncherry.com) to visit Evelyn and Suzanne at their Holland V showroom.

Evelyn and Suzanne (also Kadomay students) just launched their new online business SWIRL selling retro inspired clothes, vintage garments and clutches.


Their place is so pretty! If you have a chance do check it out, the address is found on their website. Instead of mannequins, I bought some stuff from them...making June and myself their first customers! Ho ho...support local designers!

On the way back home, decided to pop by Jaslyn's boutique Fashion Clinique at Stamford Court since I've never been before. She does custom made dresses for ROMs, etc. and ended up chatting to her about business and tailoring for like almost an hour.

Was really tired at the end of that day! Kisu has dubbed my Wednesdays "tai tai" days...and I'll continue the trend next week when I go for tea with Charmaine, Selena and Meips!

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