gerry's dress

this dress is still with me as i'm waiting for gerry to return from indonesia and pick it up.
it's got a little lace flower corsage, with tiny beads and pearls in the centre - so pretty!
the corsage matches with meips lace and esther's ribbon on their dresses.


the end of this semester is just round the corner, I'm deep in final projects for this term, and preparing to take the final exams, some of which are happening next week!

It suddenly occured to me that 2/3rds of my course is over....and I feel quite sad about it.
While I'm sometimes reluctant to do my assignments, I remind myself that I should remember to enjoy this experience while it lasts.

I'm contemplating taking an additional 3 months after the end of the Certificate course, this will be a combined sewing, drafting and draping course focused on evening wear. I've seen some of the stuff the senior students are doing, they have done corsets, nice satin cocktail dresses, ruching (looks terrible to do - you basically take a huge piece of soft fabric like chiffon and slowly gather small sections of the fabric and pin in on the mannequin). They even get to go for jewellery making lessons on the side to help them with beading techniques that can be applied to the evening wear.

The day ahead is going to be a busy one - I plan to work on my draping blouse project (sewing), cut up the fabric for my Menswear assignment (we need to sew a pair of jeans), and also my Drafting blouse project (draft the pattern pieces).


Anonymous said...

So pretty! Can't wait to see it on Gerry in Bern :)

Chiew Yang said...

Is the pair of jeans made to measure for Kisu?

dot said...

haha...no i was just telling eric about it..it's a very ah-pek looking pair of jeans!