The bridesmaid dresses

I collected them today.....I wanted to cry...the green silk looked so lovely!

I saw them hanging through the grille of the seamstress's flat - I almost could not believe that I had a part to play in creating something so pretty!

Passed them to Meips and Esther and waited for their response on the fitting

And then it came - the SMS that made my day:

"I love my dress!!"

You wouldn't believe how pleased I was to receive that message!


yun-jo said...

be sure to post pictures of the bridemaids!

dot said...

oh, i will!
had to rush deliver them to the girls, so didn't manage to take anything in the meantime, so have to wait till after the wedding!!!

Alicia said...

Don't worry, I'll make sure the photographer takes plenty of bridesmaid shots in Bern!

dot said...

heheh, thanks alicia! looking forward to them!