Another completed project

draping skirt 2

Something I completed in last term's drafting class...and wore for the first time today.
It's one of those skirts that doesn't have any hanger appeal...and is made from turquoise taffeta.

How I created those folds and pleats was by draping it on a dressmaker's dummy....I then transferred the pattern from the draping fabric (muslin) onto pattern paper and proceeded to create the actual garment.

Sounds troublesome??

It is.

That's why I prefer drafting to draping..it's pretty much 2D versus 3D method of doing the same thing. That said, some garments, e.g. those with lots of folds etc...are better done by draping.

Roland Mouret , the french designer whose dresses have been seen on Scarlett Johanson and Demi Moore, likes to use this method as he believes that clothes should not be crafted in 2D since the body isn't.


Toon said...

Very dressy skirt, Dot! Love it! Does the rear end of the skirt sticking out too? :D

dot said...

haha..no lah..too kwa zhang, you think?! thank you...it's a copy of an LV skirt actually!