wow, managed to sell like 8 dotty bags and had orders for 2 more in 1 night....very encouraged, thanks to all buyers/order-ers!

madbeautiful loves you!!! thank you for making my day!


spent some time this afternoon printing labels and tying them onto the bags...and also managed to finish esther's dress (recall: project green apple...bridesmaid's dress 2). will post pictures later....the lighting is not good for phototaking now. so, it was a pretty fruitful day if i might say so myself..and managed to also catch up for a get together with my primary and secondary school mates!

karen, send me that picture you took of us so i can post it here!

guess what, little turquoise, a madbeautiful production is a featured item in Etsy! see here - > http://www.etsy.com/index.php

Etsy.com is a newly launched US based website where people can sell their handmade crafts as a part of a big collective.

Basically it’s similar to the giant auction sites out there but the major difference is that Etsy is only for selling handmade crafts. Etsy just opened up to the public over the weekend , so check it out...i saw some of the cutest stuff in there!

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