Two Chinese, Two Indonesians & Two Singaporeans.......

Remember the feeling of having just finished your last exam??

well, i had the good fortune to relive that feeling very recently....

Following our last day in class, us motley crew of international students (the result of the singapore govemment's initiative to build singapore into an education hub - brings to mind the good 'ol PSB days...) made our way via jetstar asia (poor starving students/artistes) to Hong Kong and Shenzhen (Mini's home where we put up for a couple days)

The itinerary consisted of shopping, eating and sleeping...we holed up in this tiny hotel (the Shamrock hotel, yes, the bedcovers were covered in Shamrocks) just next to the Jordan MTR station. This also gave us easy access to the KCR station which was where we took the train to Shen Zhen.

We did squeeze in a visit to the fabric district of Hong Kong, Sham Shui Po. I was overwhelmed by the number of shops and variety of fabric, trims, notions, ribbons, accessories, etc....wow. I am truly deprived in Singapore. Looks like I have to make a couple more fabric runs to Hong Kong.

1st meal (dinner) upon touch down in a Cha Can Tang
first meal in HK

Supper at a Dou Nai place called "Ren He Dou Pin"
ren he dou pin

In the MTR

Me and My Milk-y!
vita milk

Bringing the gang to try Hoi Lau San mango dessert!
hoi lau san


here we are, 7 of us (including mini's friend who was driving) squashed in a car. we were on our way to mini's apartment
car shenzhen

we had hotpot as our first meal in shenzhen, with a ton of mushrooms!

and of course fatty beef....yum

drinks on the 1st night..a little happy after some JD and coke...
night out in shenzhen

next day (27th) at breakfast...a very hong kong style dim sum meal.

and the requisite xiao long bao..why do i always seem to have this when i'm in china!

group shot at breakfast

Qin Yao trying her sexy look
breakfast group

oh and guess what i saw them selling at a pet shop while shopping???
a little piggy! soooooo cute! i was instantly reminded of george clooney...no, i don't think he looks like a pig! he has a pet pig, lah! aiyo......

this was an interesting dish we ate at a sichuan meal, it's lotus root stuffed with glutinous rice
lotus with rice

an old cruiseliner refurbished as a tourist attraction - this is at She Kou ("Snake's mouth)

some beer related pics that i thought kisu would enjoy
beer paradise


last meal before we depart shenzhen...dong bei cuisine, hometown of Qin Yao. the restaurant must be pretty famous, because it had pictures of its staff with a whole lot of different visiting celebrities, mostly HK ones. we did spot a picture of our very own Xie Shao Guang!!! new found respect for the actor...to have made it to the wall of a chinese restaurant..
dish on the far left is called Chun Bing...it's like popiah skin and you fill with some veggies and a bean sauce, wrap it up and eat! yummy....

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