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Term 2 begins!

i have had a grand total of 11 days of school vacation...not very much at all..but I must say it's good to be back at school!!!

i was getting quite antsy at home without a fixed schedule.
spent a lot of time surfing the web and getting all googly (not google)-eyed. Most of it was on craft sites, particularly US/ Canadian based ones (however there was also a moment of madness where I cleaned up my study). There's a huge movement in handmade crafts in the US..almost revival like (one site is called Church of Craft, you can imagine). And we're not talking about martha stewart type crafts, but a hip, cool craft movement.

Read this:

I think it's a great, great thing and wish there was more of a crafty culture in singapore...my hope is that we would be able to create a similar community of sorts here...and hold crafty fairs etc...
so if you know any friends who have a similar interest, send me a note please - i'd like to get in touch..don't know what we would do, but I guess it would be a start.

Anyways....school...where was I

my modules this term are:

  • Women's Wear Pattern Drafting 2
  • Sewing Techniques 2
  • Graphic & Sketching
  • Pattern Draping 2

well, 1st day turned out pretty good. Morning class was Graphic & Sketching...we're now learning to draw clothes on our (previously) naked models. Lecturer drew this gorgeous drap-ey outfit...Final Fantasy inspired..looked really cool. All of us wondering when we will be able to draw like him...hmmm. Also been told to spend more money - I need to buy a $80 set of colour pencils! and some watercolours to boot...

afternoon - sewing class - quite boring this one...we spent half the lesson cutting cloth for our upcoming sewing projects..i'm quite excited about exercise 2 - it's a cute little cropped jacket with a mandarin style collar and piping. I'm using a vermillion-like garbedine fabric for it, so it's going to be one bright jacket! 2nd half was spent on a sewing - nothing too exciting....just a zippered skirt with pocket.

class ran overtime and i rushed to meet kisu for his birthday dinner at morton's..here we are...


Dinner Menu

Broiled Scallops with Bacon & Apricot Chutney

PorterHouse (rare) - guess for who???

Lyonnais Potatoes

Shrimp Alexander

Godiva Warm Chocolate Cake


Sparkling water

and kisu with his warm godiva chocolate cake...i stopped him a few times just as he was about to sink his spoon into that cake so that i could get this shot!


Whoo hoo!

I have no class tomorrow morning...so I get to sleep in late tomorrow! Heheheh!

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