some sketches done recently.
We've been learning about drapes - as we need to capture the draping effect on the garments when we draw them on fashion figures.
these sketches are based on photos found in magazines



dress 2


oh, and for the Draping subject, I have a blouse project - and this is what I'll be attempting to make



Jackie Teo said...

The blouse is really cute, must published once it's done ok?

dot said...

hee hee, you think?
i actually saw that picture last term and i was like, i need to make that!!!! will publish once it's done, it's due in about a month's time - hopefully will look ok and i find the right material to do it justice

yun-jo said...

post a picture of you wearing the finished blouse! i'm very impressed with the sketches of the draping as well. if fashion doesn't work out, i think you have a good back up. =)

charmaine said...

what a glorious blouse!! I kept one copy of last week's Urban, pass to you next time we meet, k.