so, getting into the swing of things in school again..this term is far sweeter than the last!
1 free day (wednesday) still, but only 4 subjects with no scary teachers to boot! yay!
am enjoying the new found extra freedom immensely!

however, today still had to stay back till 10pm (once again!) to complete Assignment 1 for Drafting class which is due next Thursday. It's a hipster looking type of top..quite horrific looking, really, as with all our other assignments..but it's supposed to teach us some drafting principles or something.

I've been a bit lazy about taking photos recently..you might have noticed!
Plus have been sick..blowing my nose like non-stop over the last week...it's just getting better today.

i'll try to catch up on the photo taking..!

tomorrow, will make another fabric hunting trip...sale of dotty bags has been pretty good - I have orders from canada and a custom order from Japan! So tomorrow's "agenda" (haha...just a brief reference to my former days organising weekly update meetings) will be :

1. Ship order of bags to Canada
2. Look for fabric for custom order
3. Look for fabric for further experimentation in new bag designs

I'm probably going to try wristlets or clutches of some form and looking forward to it!


charmaine said...

fantastic!! have decided to give away my khaki dotty bag - thot of mother in law but concluded it's too funky for her, so will be my mother instead!! :P

dot said...

heheh! i hope she likes it - i like that my bag is reaching more than 1 generation! haha!