the return of project green apple

so, we're gearing up for alicia's big wedding date in september!

and i've been squeezing in the bridesmaid dressmaking in between the initial rush of school assignments.

esther's dress pattern had to be adjusted slightly - i mis-measured the bust part! oops...i guess i've been pretty lucky so far!

As of today, I have the Indian silk cut out (lining included) for gerry and esther's dresses...and just found a seamstress today to sew them up. I'll be passing her the fabric soon !

I have yet to draft Meips' dress, but plan on doing it this week....and for Saturday, we plan to visit to Arab street to check out trimmings for the dresses.

I went window shopping today at Orchard..it's been some time, so i saw lots of nice stuff but i had to resist and not buy, thinking about dwindling bank account!
but good thing is that i felt motivated to sew up stuff for myself to wear (at a fraction of the price!)....ok, have to work harder at doing that!!!

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