Photos once again

ok, i think it's time to bring my trusty konica minolta out of hibernation - and to also to stop being so lazy about uploading photos!

here's esther's dress - the mock up - which I finished quite some time ago. a little wrinkly 'cos it's been stuffed in a plastic folder.


And the actual fabric on the cutting table...the translucent piece of paper pinned onto the fabric is a pattern piece. that's the back portion of the dress.


well, i've got the morning free today, so it's a good time to catch up on blogging. Now I'm going to finish up my drafting assignment - sew up the last pieces of it - and then it's off to school for an afternoon of drafting!

oh, anyone watched sin city yet?? it's a pretty cool movie..i caught it over the weekend and when i returned to school, i mentioned it to my classmates..and then i asked if anyone caught it as well. and the reply was...."it's R21!"

i had forgotten that they were all underaged! haha!


charmaine said...

heard about your article in URBAN - exciting!!! my colleagues told me about it, I'll see it when I get back to ofc tomorrow! congrats!!!

dot said...

yeah it finally came out! and i didn't even know until i started getting all these SMSes saying "you're in the paper!"