Chong Qing Hotpot

so here we are enjoying good Chong Qing hotpot after a long day of classes, at a place Mini discovered near school. i was just musing that this term we actually have the luxury to hang out and have dinner, unlike the crazy 1st term! and all of us are putting on weight now!

i only have a picture of qin yao because everyone else refused to be photographed! but i think that's cynthia's (left) and afton's (right) hands you see there with the chopsticks.


qy hotpot2

It's a pretty good deal - $10 per person for buffet and lots of food to choose from - my favourites were the fishballs (very bouncy), chinese sausages and luncheon meat. hmmm...guess that turns my hotpot into a rather unhealthy meal! They kept running out of the prawns, though since all the diners just swooped on them the minute they were replenished.

the place is not fancy, it's coffee shop style although they offer airconditioned seating upstairs but i didn't go upstairs, so not sure what that's like. According to Mini, the owner is from Chong Qing, so I guess that makes for a pretty authentic hotpot!

I didn't get the name of the place, but if you walk along beach road, with the raffles hotel on your left, the place is opposite the Shaw Leisure Gallery. There are 2 stalls there selling the same thing; it's the first one.

On another note, I've been answering emails for orders and queries for bags after that Urban article came out..that's keeping me pretty busy these days. I've yet to finish my homework which is due tomorrow (! horrors!) and I'm still dragging my feet here blogging away!


Chiew Yang said...

can u pls ask kisu to pass the article to eric? we hv yet to read it cos we are too "cheapo" to order the ST. :)

Anonymous said...

great news on the multiorders!!! yay!!! sunday with monday blues. And you don't have any, so revel dearie!!!!

charmaine said...

sorry that was me, ended up "anonymous" accidentally

dot said...

chiew yang - haha! i'm going to scan it and upload it onto the blog..hopefully this week! only have the precious 1 copy with me

charm - can tell it's you lah!

violet said...

just found your blog when i was browsing the "next blog" button. i love this post, as i love food. this all looks really delightful. you make fashion school seem like a pretty rad (if hectic) place to be.