yesterday was a pretty intense day, and can I say a momentous one...it was the first time (and I'm sure not the last) we had people breaking down in tears in class.

We had a particularly bad lecture from our Line & Colour teacher. The worst part was that some of the girls had stayed up really late the night before (5am) to prepare for her lesson. I saw their work, I thought it was great. They put in all that effort, but still got a major scolding from her so you can imagine the frustration and disappointment.

I can't repeat the stuff she said, but suffice to say it was pretty hurtful, blunt and worse, demeaning. It was some pretty intense stuff...she's got high standards I have to say, and I'm getting a sense of the way people in design work. Basically - you work 14 hours a day at the minimum, have no social life whatsoever and must have the ability to endure loads of criticism, sarcasm and belittling - i.e. love to be tortured.

Yup. It's not a glam job.

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