random thoughts

couple of random thoughts...thought i should reflect a bit and not just write about what has been happening

random thought one - what brought me to fashion school in the first place

random thought two - everyone one loves fashion! everyone gets excited when i tell them i study fashion design...and the thought that people are encouraged to start thinking about pursuing their dreams

random thought three - looking through my past my entries..from my being excited to whining about the course workload....why? i wanted this so much, so why am i whining?! must reflect...ironically, though, I will definitely miss the work once i'm done. 1/3 through the course and i'm already thinking i'm going to miss this like crazy once i stop...

too late now, i'll write more tomorrow i hope
and thursday is off to Hong Kong for holiday! But I'll be trying to source fabrics and check out designs at the same time..

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