Payback Time....

not much time to blog, so I'll just upload photos. i figure i should try to use the computer regularly otherwise i might lose my typing ability given the frequency i use the PC these days!

random photo of cynthia outside room 309 - drafting room. i can't remember when i took this but she's eating you see, and food is not allowed in class (we get fined $5) , so we sometimes just stand outside the door eating while chatting to someone inside class. that's a macdonald's apple pie she's holding..


this is us at cafe tea, a new cafe opposite school. we just finished makeup class on saturday and needed a break. it's a really nice place - along seah street.


Qin Yao with her "yu yuan" (fishball) face

I also went our on Sunday for coffee with charmaine, meiping, esther and karen. maybe it's cos i really needed a break - i've been out quite a fair bit more than usual this past weekend. I did get a whole lot of magazines from Esther though! Thanks Esther!


Anyway, it was payback time when I had to work throughout the night yesterday on my Line and Colour print. Here it is, it's not done yet..some small additions and the background. More on this when I'm done...


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